Millésime 1849


Creed's Millésime 1849 Eau de Parfum skillfully combines lively Calabrian bergamot with the delicate floral essences of jasmine and rose. This harmonious blend is anchored by a robust foundation of cedar and incense, creating a rich and enduring fragrance. Encased in a sleek matte bott ... more


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The Fragrance Story

A Modern Evocation of Elegance

Millésime 1849 is an exquisite fragrance, specially reawakened from The House of Creed’s celebrated perfume vaults to honour Harrods’ 175-year legacy. It combines richness and warmth with a sophisticated modern sensibility.


Inviting Florals and Dazzling Citrus

Fresh bursts of ripe lemon and grapefruit and the heady aromas of Calabrian bergamot create a sun-filled invitation to the rich florals at the generous heart of Millésime 1849. Warm thyme and laurel whisper through precious cedar for a sophisticated dry down.

A Celebration of Enduring Style

Presented in the signature chic Creed bottle, but clad in the instantly recognisable Harrods green, Millésime 1849 embodies the values shared by two houses steeped in a history of consummate craftsmanship.


From Father to Son since 1760

The Art of Millesime

All Creed fragrances are made up in a concentrated Eau de Parfum strength known as Millesime. The term has been adopted from the wine industry, and used by Olivier Creed to stress the outstanding quality of his products...

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