Ingredient Spotlight


The golden sensuality of fragrant sandalwood oil has been treasured, celebrated and coveted by humans for millennia. Adding a powdery, warm depth to a fragrance, this exquisitely nuanced woody scent retains a sense of sophistication through its creamy softness.

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Creed Journal

An Exclusive Look Into Wind Flowers

Last month, The House of Creed unveiled the latest addition to its female fragrance collection, Wind Flowers. We sat down with Olivier Creed, for an exclusive, behind the scenes look into the long-anticipated women’s fragrance, the story behind the scent and what the future holds for The House of Creed.

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From Father to Son Since 1760

The Art of Millesime

All Creed fragrances are made up in a concentrated Eau de Parfum strength known as Millesime. The term has been adopted from the wine industry, and used by Olivier Creed to stress the outstanding quality of his products.

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Experience Creed In-Store

Creed Boutique

Adorned with some of the world's most opulent fragrances, Creed's boutique is the perfect place to sample and experience the exclusive House of Creed.

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Discover Creed with us

Our Perfume Masterclasses are the perfect way to enjoy a guided tour of the luxurious collection with Creed Australia's fragrance experts.

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Boutique Exclusives

Acqua Originales