Love in White for Summer


Magnolia, bergamot and rose deliver a fresh and youthful beginning to this love story. Heart notes of Florentine iris, rice and Virginian cedar wood create a slightly powdery and woody scent, combined with base notes of Indian sandalwood, apple and jasmine to add a lasting flirty sweetness t ... more


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The Fragrance Story

A powerful addition to the Creed feminine fragrance family, Love in White for Summer is the sweet and playful counterpart to the classic floral scent, Love in White.

Bringing to life a passionate summer romance in the French Riviera, this youthful women's perfume captures the essence of a fresh sea breeze cooling the blistering summer heat and a stroll by the crystal clear waters of the marina.

Fresh and delicately floral, this feminine fragrance leaves a lasting flirty sweetness, perfect for recreating the scent of summer all year round.

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The Art of Millesime

All Creed fragrances are made up in a concentrated Eau de Parfum strength known as Millesime. The term has been adopted from the wine industry, and used by Olivier Creed to stress the outstanding quality of his products...

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