What Is The Difference Between
Carmina and Queen of Silk?

Exude hypnotic confidence with Carmina and Queen of Silk – the latest powerhouse perfumes for women from The House of Creed – and explore what sets them both apart to uncover the right fragrance for you.

Enter a world of sensuous femininity with Carmina and Queen of Silk, the newest floral amber fragrances for women from The House of Creed. Strikingly modern, yet inspired by the house’s rich couture history, these mesmerising creations both convey the essence of feminine allure through a contemporary lens. Despite the similarities that they share, Carmina and Queen of Silk offer the wearer unique olfactive experiences. Read on to uncover what sets this power pair apart and find the right perfume for you.

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Carmina vs. Queen of Silk

The Inspiration

In one sense, Carmina and Queen of Silk are cut from the same cloth, both echoing The House of Creed’s origins as a prestigious tailoring house that once created bespoke garments for a discerning clientele.

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Carmina was inspired by the virtuoso fashion sketches of Henry Creed, discovered at the original Creed maison on Avenue Pierre 1er de Serbie in Paris, which depicted unapologetically confident models posing in the most coveted haute couture looks of the time. Carmina captures this same sense of unabashed confidence with its bold blend of captivating notes and powerful silage.

Similarly, Queen of Silk evokes the house’s unique couturier history but instead draws on coveted silk, a material once crafted by master artisans and prized since time immemorial for its grace and grandeur. An enchanting tribute to this most treasured fabric, Queen of Silk mirrors the craftsmanship that has defined The House of Creed’s long legacy, expertly weaving together some of the most precious ingredients from across the globe.

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Fragrance Profile And Ingredients

As with all creations from The House of Creed, both Carmina and Queen of Silk are Eau de Parfums of Millésime quality, hand-crafted using time-honoured techniques refined over 260 years. This commitment to artisanal excellence is the cornerstone of their longevity, with both creations leaving an entrancing trail of sensual allure that endures throughout the day and beyond.

They also share the same “floral amber” classification, each balancing the romantic embrace of delicate florals with the smouldering sensuality of ambers in a masterful expression of modern femininity, yet they achieve this with their own characteristic blends.

The rare Rose de Mai at the heart of Carmina creates an electric sensibility that allows plump black cherries and piquant pink pepper to shine through the golden embrace of saffron. This central cherry-rose note brings a spirited sweetness to the fragrance that exudes playful femininity and flirtatious intrigue.

Queen of Silk makes its own sophisticated statement on femininity thanks to a rich, creamy floral composition, primarily derived from the most decadent Indian tuberose. Paired with heavenly Chinese osmanthus, this hypnotic floral accord adds a luxurious texture to the perfume reminiscent of the richness and gossamer-like touch of coveted silk.

Despite these olfactive differences, both Eau de Parfums have a strong personality and presence, offering extreme sensuality to the wearer, mainly brought by the rich formulation of saturated wood.

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Occasion and Wearability

Carmina and Queen of Silk are two statement fragrances for women that can be worn day or night to create the desired mood for any occasion, making them both fine complementary additions to your perfume portfolio.

Some may favour Carmina when the mood is more buoyant with its playful plump black cherry and piquant pink pepper. For a different impression and a more refined feeling, they then may choose to surround themselves with Queen of Silk’s opulent and majestic floral bouquet.

The House of Creed fully supports individual expression through perfumery and celebrates those who create their own rules. With that, both Carmina and Queen of Silk should be enjoyed whenever and howsoever the wearer chooses.

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Carmina or Queen of Silk: Which One Should You Choose?

Your choice out of Carmina and Queen of Silk depends on your own olfactive preferences and signature style. Those who desire more spirited compositions may be drawn to Carmina while those who prefer unapologetic elegance in an olfactive bouquet might favour Queen of Silk.

If you are still undecided on your next captivating perfume, venture into our official boutique to experience this power pair for yourself. Otherwise, Carmina and Queen of Silk await your discovery on the official Creed online boutique alongside other masterful creations for women.