Unveiling Elegance: Creed Australia x Michael Lo Sordo Collaboration at Australian Fashion Week

The recent Australian Fashion Week saw the fusion of two realms of luxury: fragrance and fashion, as the House of Creed unveiled its collaboration with esteemed Australian designer Michael Lo Sordo. The partnership debuted in spectacular fashion, introducing Creed's latest olfactory masterpiece, Queen of Silk, through the lens of Lo Sordo's exquisite craftsmanship.

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At the heart of this collaboration lies a shared appreciation for the timeless allure of silk. For Lo Sordo, silk has been a cornerstone of his design philosophy, infusing his creations with an undeniable sense of grace and sophistication. "Silk is at the core of every collection that I create," remarked Lo Sordo, highlighting the fabric's ability to drape, flow, and accentuate the body's natural lines.

In crafting an exclusive gown to coincide with the launch of Queen of Silk, Lo Sordo masterfully balanced tradition with modernity, paying homage to the delicate artistry of silk while infusing his distinctive touch. The result? A regal purple silk gown that epitomizes the opulent allure of both fragrance and fashion.

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Speaking of fragrance, Queen of Silk captivates the senses with its evocative blend, mirroring the ethereal softness and luminous energy of silk itself. As guests immersed themselves in Creed's rich history and luxurious offerings at Australian Fashion Week, the partnership between Creed and Lo Sordo emerged as a celebration of craftsmanship and creativity.

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The inspiration behind the black gloves worn by the model finds an intriguing link to Creed's tailoring heritage, where back in 1760, the legend started when a pair of scented leather gloves were delivered to King George III by James Henry Creed. This historical connection highlights the evolution of gloves, transitioning from luxurious scented items to styling in the contemporary fashion realm.

As the curtains closed on Australian Fashion Week, the collaboration between Creed and Michael Lo Sordo left an indelible mark on the intersection of fragrance and fashion. Through their shared dedication to craftsmanship and innovation, they set a new standard for luxury, inviting us to revel in the beauty of silk, scent, and style.

To experience the allure of Queen of Silk and explore Creed's exquisite offerings, visit Creed Australia's official website.

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Queen of Silk

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