Queen of Silk:
A Spellbinding New Fragrance

Queen of Silk, the latest creation from The House of Creed, is as mesmerising as the ethereal fluidity of pure silk, capturing the coveted elegance of this most treasured fabric. Uncover the inspiration behind this hypnotic new Eau de Parfum for women.

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An Enigmatic Energy Bottled

Queen of Silk was inspired by luxurious silk, treasured since time immemorial. Drawing on the eternal fascination with this precious fabric, whose paradoxical qualities give it both strength and gentleness, vibrancy and evanescence, Queen of Silk gently envelopes the skin with a gossamer-like touch while leaving a trail of sensuality that shimmers with luminous energy.

A Decadent Journey to Distant Lands

This enchanting fragrance is a tapestry woven from exquisite ingredients that evoke the distant lands where precious silk once journeyed. Chinese osmanthus, Javanese patchouli and decadent tuberose drift through deep, dry woods of cedar and agar, dancing with the smoldering softness of Madagascan vanilla. Queen of Silk is a harmony of spellbinding notes from faraway lands interwoven with a contemporary flair.


Enrobed in The Noblest of Colours

Queen of Silk is presented in The House of Creed's signature bottle in a rich purple hue-a tribute to the vibrant purple dyes once reserved for the highest echelons of society. With this echo of the opulent silk robes that once clothed the nobility, Queen of Silk is a fragrance that truly captures the luminous elegance of this precious fabric. 

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