Perfumes On Parade

The legacy of Creed is deeply intertwined with equestrian pursuits, from the riding habits once tailor-made for European royalty to Olivier Creed’s own love of dressage, and even the original inspiration behind the legendary Aventus.

Here, The House of Creed’s most prestigious perfumes take centre stage: a victorious line of majestic masterpieces turned out in only the finest hand-crafted bottles much like a troop of resplendent horses dressed for parade.


Silver Mountain Water

Saddle up for adventure with Silver Mountain Water Eau de Parfum, an exhilarating blend that captures the same unbridled energy and spirit of freedom found in equestrian pursuits. This invigoratingly fresh fragrance opens with an enlivening citrus burst that unfolds into notes of tea and a salty ozonic accord, before yielding to decadent sandalwood and musk at its base.

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Royal Oud

Royal Oud Eau de Parfum enters the parade, mirroring the regal splendour and grandeur of ceremonial equestrian events. Opulent oud, guaiac wood and frankincense form the rich base of this noble scent while lime, bergamot and galbanum add a sophisticated citrus twist to the head.

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Tabarome Millésime

Ride high with Tabarome Millésime Eau de Parfum, a fragrance of true distinction that echoes the spirit of a trusted steed. Head notes of spicy ginger give way to a heart of tea, coffee and rum, which lends warmth to its sumptuous base of exquisite sandalwood and tobacco.

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millesime-imperial_9a5622b4-88b4-4bc5-9a5f-8b3aa2e69fef (1).jpg__PID:b2a8e02f-6961-4cff-8b9f-5a53b73d4cdc

Millésime Impérial

Harness majesty and magnificence with Millésime Impérial Eau de Parfum, an opulent olfactive tribute to The House of Creed’s royal and influential clientele encased in a lavish gold bottle. Light notes of bergamot combine with luscious blackcurrant and silvery iris upon an indulgent base of cedarwood and sandalwood.

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