Creed In Collaboration With Kolodny

This holiday season, The House of Creed is delighted to work with visual artist Shawn Kolodny to bring together the iconic fragrance brand with visionary sculpture. Based in Miami and New York, Kolodny’s career has spanned over 15 years creating contemporary art and large-scale installations, predominantly focusing on oversized spheres.

The Art Of Sculptures

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This universally resonant shape, found in the planets we orbit to the cells composing our very being, has surrounded us throughout our lives. It's embedded in our memories as the soccer ball we kicked, the baseball we caught, or the balloons we celebrated with. Yet, its ubiquitous nature often causes us to overlook its profound significance.

Shawn Kolodny

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Creed x Kolodny

The House of Creed and Kolodny have selected the most premium of materials that perfectly resonate with the sophistication and elegance of The House of Creed, opting for a regal gold and silver colourway to reflect The House’s 2023 Christmas palette. This exquisite collaboration is reflected in the wider Creed Christmas Campaign, as The House uses CGI technology to bring the collaboration to life via social media and website platforms.

Kolodny draws ‘inspiration from the timeless elegance exuded by Creed’s iconic bottle. (He) carefully orchestrate(s) (his) design around the contours of the iconic bottle,’ incorporating gold and silver to ‘define and elevate the silhouette of the bottle in a unique manner.’ Kolodny’s captivating window installations will debut at CREED Boutiques worldwide.

Discover the artist on Instagram @kolodnyart