Ask The Expert - Winter Fragrances

As we embrace the colder months, it's crucial to prioritise moments of well-being to combat those winter blues. With this in mind, the House of Creed caught up with London Mayfair boutique Fragrance Expert, Alan Hunter, to glean insights on infusing warmth and well-being into your life through perfumery. We delved into the realm of ultimate comforting fragrances, including Royal Oud, Green Irish Tweed, and Original Vétiver, while also exploring the art of adjusting your scent according to the seasons.

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Is it advisable to switch your signature scent with the changing seasons?

Just as donning a duffel coat in 30-degree Celsius heat at the beach might not be ideal, we recommend treating fragrance as an extension of your wardrobe. With this perspective, it's prudent to consider changing scents as the seasons shift. During winter, opt for fragrances with warmer tones to provide comfort and depth. In autumn, Alan's personal favourite is Original Vétiver, reminiscent of cool, crisp mornings with a touch of mist and the sun freshly risen. In summer, the craving leans towards refreshing citrus notes like those found in Aventus Cologne and Virgin Island Water, or aquatic hints like those in Erolfa.

What fragrances are ideal for winter?

For the winter season, basking in the comfort of Original Santal is a delight. This scent embodies the spirit and warmth of the coldest period with zesty ginger, juniper berries, and mandarin enveloped in sandalwood, tonka bean, and cedarwood. It evokes the cozy embrace of family and the joy of shared laughter. In contrast, Silver Mountain Water offers a cool, crisp essence reminiscent of fresh snow. With bergamot, blackcurrant, and orange in the opening, followed by tea and an ozonic accord, it culminates in a luxurious blend of sandalwood and musk.

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Are there specific ingredients suited to the winter season?

Winter invites boldness in fragrance choices. With heavier fabrics and drier skin, scents that may feel overpowering in summer come alive in winter, melding seamlessly with your favorite knitwear. Royal Oud exemplifies this transition beautifully. Inspired by the architectural grandeur of Persian Palaces, the warm and distinctive scent of Royal Oud captures the spiritual and assured elegance of majestic oud. With a fresh opening of Lime and Pink Pepper, this daring scent flows ever so elegantly into Angelica Seed and Cardamom, before powerfully ruling with a captivating base of “smoky” frankincense (known as the “King of Oils”), guaiac wood and oud. While Royal Oud reigns as the quintessential winter fragrance, its refreshing undertones make it suitable for all seasons.

In the winter months, try looking for fragrances with warmer tones in to provide comfort or depth.

- Alan Hunter, Creed Mayfair Boutique, London -

Can fragrances be layered?

Fragrances are akin to wearable cocktails; the right blend can be a triumph. However, the House of Creed's fragrances are masterpieces in their own right and are best enjoyed individually, each a testament to artistry.

Which fragrance family suits colder months best?

In cold weather, fragrances may not diffuse as readily as in warmer climates. With skin prone to dryness, opt for richer, more opulent scents. Woody, amber, and spicy fragrance families featuring jasmine, vanilla, sandalwood, patchouli, and frankincense are ideal for combating the chill and ensuring your scent lingers beautifully.