1710 - James Creed

James Creed, founder of The House of Creed is born.


The House of Creed is founded in England and supplies the English Court with custom tailored clothing, scented leather gloves and commissioned fragrances.

1765 - Henry Creed

Henry Creed is born. He begins apprenticing under his father James Creed at a young age. Following in his father’s footsteps, he continues supplying the English Royal Court with custom tailored clothing, scented leather gloves, and commissioned fragrances.


James Creed creates the first Creed fragrance, Royal English Leather, for King George III and his court. He wanted King George III to be able to rest his chin on his gloved hand and inhale the glove’s fine aroma.

1824 - Henry Creed II

Henry Creed II, Third Generation of The House of Creed, is born. Considered the most innovative perfumer within the House, he expands the brand throughout Europe. He is heralded as creating the most beloved, well-known scents commissioned by Europe’s monarchy.


Fleurs de Bulgarie is commissioned by Queen Victoria, and is still available to the public today.


The House of Creed officially relocates to Paris.

1863 - Henry Creed III

Henry Creed III, the fourth generation, is born. He becomes well known for creating fragrances for the political elite of his time.


Creed is awarded several Royal Warrants for their dedication to providing fragrances to royal houses across Europe.

1904 - James Henry Creed

James Henry Creed, fifth generation, is born. He makes the House’s first inroads in servicing celebrity clientele and the political elite.


At the request of Winston Churchill, Tabarome Millesime is created, and later released to the public in 1999. A take on the original Tabarome fragrance, Churchill’s version contains notes of tobacco.


At the request of Winston Churchill, Tabarome Millesime is created, and later released to the public in 1999. A take on the original Tabarome fragrance (1875), Churchill’s version contains notes of tobacco. Also, King Edward VIII, the Duke of Windsor, commissions Windsor, a fragrance inspired by raw materials surrounding his chateau.

1943 - Olivier Creed

Olivier Creed, sixth generation and current Master Perfumer of The House of Creed, is born.


Vetiver, worn by one of history’s most beloved presidents, is created. This extraordinary blend uses aromatic oil from the roots of exotic vetiver grass, to create a fragrant base.


Spring Flower is an attempt to bottle the glamor and fashion of Hollywood’s Golden Age. Embodying pure femininity in its bright pink bottle bedecked with a bow, Spring Flower is the star of any wardrobe.


Revel in storybook romance with Fleurissimo, the olfactory expression of a wedding bouquet. Fleurissimo will evoke the beautiful essence of a bride in any woman for her most special occasions, ensuring all eyes in the room are on her.


Olivier Creed makes Creed fragrances available to the public for the first time.

1980 - Erwin Creed

Erwin Creed, Seventh Generation and Future Master Perfumer of The House of Creed, is born. He contributes to the creations of Love In White, Fleurs de Gardenia, Virgin Island Water, Original Vetiver, among others.


Green Irish Tweed is created, a confident and classic scent that is an original and a favorite amongst Creed’s most discerning clients.


Millesime Imperial is introduced, an invigorating, refreshing blend of marine and citrus notes from around the world.


Creed broadens its offerings with luxury soaps, bath and shower gels, hair and body washes, body lotions, aftershave balms, perfumed oils, and deodorants.


Erwin Creed contributes to the creation of Himalaya, a harmonious scent inspired by Oliver Creed’s climb of the Himalayan Mountains.


Virgin Island Water is launched, a universal fragrance that captures the tropical splendor of the Caribbean.


Love In Black debuts, a daring floral oriental scent. An intoxicating mix of night blooming wildflowers, violets, and iris.


To celebrate its 250th Anniversary, The House of Creed opens the Creed Boutique in New York City.


Aventus, inspired by the strength and success of a historic French Emperor, debuts and instantly becomes the best-selling men’s fragrance from Creed. Superb ingredients blended by Olivier Creed, a must-have for the individual who savors a life well-lived.


Olivier Creed introduces the Les Royales Exclusives, an exquisite collection expressing fragrances as fine art in every sense. The collection features flacons made of hand-crafted Pochet glass and fragrances created from the highest quality ingredients from around the world.


Royal Service — the most sought-after fragrance among collectors and aficionados — is launched to celebrate the 250th Anniversary of The House of Creed. An ethereal, fresh citrus composition, only 1,000 pieces are created and all are signed and numbered by Olivier Creed.


Royal Oud is unveiled, one of the most enigmatic creations to date. Oud is a rare, sumptuous ingredient, coaxed from Agarwood trees in India, that makes this scent for men and women hypnotic and mysterious.


The year of feminine scents: two coveted scents launched. Acqua Fiorentina is reintroduced, a fan favorite for years. Light, fruity, and floral, it is a reinterpretation of the beloved original fresh blend and Fleurs de Gardenia is released, a romantic scent for women evoking the delicate feeling of first love.


Fleurs de Gardenia is released, a romantic scent for women evoking the delicate, dreamlike feeling of first love.


The House of Creed debuts a collection of five refined fragrances that bottle international exploration and the finest raw materials. The Acqua Originale Collection is Master Perfumer Olivier Creed’s living fragrance journal of countless globetrotting journeys with the fine art of perfumery as the narrative.


A sought-after vaulted icon is reborn with the introduction of Royal Mayfair. Nearly 80 years after its original commission by the Duke of Windsor, the aptly named fragrance (formally known as Windsor) debuts as daring and modern as it was then, to celebrate all men of style and London’s most desirable fashion destination.


Royal Princess Oud debuts as the first new scent inspired by the family’s couturier legacy born from the early 19th century volumes of fashion sketches made by Third Generation Henry Creed II for the most stylish socials in history. Created by Oliver Creed, this new women’s fragrance is a woody floral with iris at the heart and oud at the base. Like the glamourous ritual of bespoke dressing, the scent is like a modern day little red dress.


The House of Creed’s second North American boutique debuts in Las Vegas’ prestigious Forum Shops in Caesars Palace. Catering to global fragrance connoisseurs who travel and love luxurious scents, this freestanding glass shop invites clients to explore the brand’s rich history and fragrances.


Aventus for Her debuts as the irresistible feminine counterpart to the legendary Aventus. Nearly three years in the making, this olfactory celebration of femme forte (strong women) was highly anticipated before its triumphant unveiling. The Aventus for Her sprit lives in every woman; she is poised with inner strength and radiance, and leaves an indelible mark on all she touches.


Creed introduces two new fragrance sizes in Men's and Universal categories to offer a complete travel-friendly assortment.


The House of Creed debuts the masterfully crafted Viking, a fiery men’s fragrance that bottles the daring spirit of boundless exploration for the modern man. Viking is the brand’s first major men’s scent since the introduction of the best-selling Aventus in 2010.